One of the most special moments to witness during a wedding is the exchange of the wedding vows. Some couples prefer to follow more generic vows, and some want to write their own creative wedding vows. Are you one of those couples? It can be a BIG undertaking, a lot of work to be able to properly express your feelings to your partner. Although it can be overwhelming, it can be so worth it, and make your day extra special. Writing your own vows lets your spouse and guests know how you truly feel on your wedding day. It can be an intimate moment, so we want to give you some advice when it comes to writing your wedding vows.  

Here are some tips on what to include:

Say “I Love you”

 This may seem like common sense. But in the excitement and nerves of the moments, it’s easy to forget.

Share personal stories

Sharing personal stories in your wedding vows made for an extra interesting and intimate ceremony. But make sure not to mention only the good moments, it’s important to mention the struggles. These moments are all about being real.

Through thick and thin

Whether you choose more traditional vows or personal ones, it’s good to still touch on the important parts of those traditional vows, like being there for your partner through thick and thin, the good times and the bad, for richer or for poorer. Like we mentioned above, vows are about being real, and no relationship is always on a high, there will be down moments also, and it’s good to mention that.

Vows are promises

Keep in mind when you are writing your wedding vows, that this is the moment you are making a serious, lifelong commitment to your partner. And you’re doing it in front of all your loved ones. Make sure the promises you make are special ones between the two of you.

And some tips on the writing for your wedding vows:


– Make a list of all your thoughts before you begin writing. This will help string your thoughts together into well rounded, and intimate vows.

– Write drafts. Trust me, you won’t get your vows perfect the first time, so make sure you take your time and know it is okay to start over.


– Don’t try to include everything! Keep it short and to the point. It’s impossible to fit every emotion in your vows.

– And the most important, DO NOT wait until the last minute. You don’t want to be rushing trying to explain your feelings.

We hope these tips on writing your wedding vows has been helpful, and wish you a wonderful wedding day.


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