Whether you and your partner already share children, blending a family, or simply have friends or family with children, the topic of whether to invite children and how to include them is one that is bound to come up in the wedding planning. No-children weddings are common; however, today’s post will be on the topic of including children in weddings, either as a part of the wedding party or only having them in attendance. Below we will include ideas to make your wedding fun for even the teeniest guest and hopefully keep them busy during the event.

A really critical step in your planning is to discuss (with your children) how they feel about being involved, and in what way they wish to do so. Some kids love being the center of attention, where others would rather be a spectator. Try not to force your child(ren) into a role you want them to play. Their moods and emotions are unpredictable, and the last thing you want on your special day is for them to refuse to do their part (trust me, I know from experience).

Including Children in Weddings – a few of our favorite ways!

1. Include them in the planning!
Especially in the fun events, like cake tasting. This is a great way to show your child(ren) you value their opinion. And will be a great story for them to tell your guests.

2. Make them a part of the wedding party!
Flower girl and ring bearer is the typical title for children, but there’s no rule saying you can’t make children your bridesmaid or groomsmen.

3. Have a signature drink or drinks for them.
Or even better, let them help make the creations!

4. Give them a special gift on the morning of the wedding.
This will be a gift they will cherish forever and be a great way to show your child how much you mean to them. This is a really great idea for two families blending to one, as it shows how excited you are to take on this new role.

5. Write them into your vows!
Mentioning your children in your vows is a simple way to make them feel included in the special day. Again, an excellent idea for blending families.

6. Let them walk you down the aisle.
The person who walks you down the aisle doesn’t have to be a parent. Although, it is also a special moment for them, allowing your children to walk you down the aisle could make the ceremony extra special.

7. Allow them to make a playlist for the band or DJ!
No one loves to dance more than kids!

8. If your wedding includes DIY craft projects, allow the kids to help!

9. Ask them to give a toast or speech!
Perhaps another family member can assist with the process. This can be an adorable moment.

10. Do a first dance with them!
This is a great way to include your children, and also becomes an amazing wedding memory.
These are all fun ideas for including children in the events, but it’s also great to include kid-friendly touches to keep them and guests busy during the slower moments.

Including Children in Weddings – keeping them entertained all night!

1. Make activity kits!
These should include child-friendly activities such as coloring books and stickers etc. (You could even hire someone to make you a custom coloring page or book). Click here for an example!

2. Set up games!
Fun games like Jenga, corn hole, can be a blast for kids and all guests attending!

We hope this post helps as a guide in including children in weddings!

Please get in touch if you have any questions, we would love to assist you!