The charm of intimate gatherings, especially micro weddings, has gained popularity, bringing forth a profound sense of closeness and personal touch. Planning a micro wedding doesn’t diminish its significance; rather, it amplifies the emotional connections and allows for meticulous attention to detail. Pairing the beauty of spring with the intimacy of a backyard setting creates an enchanting backdrop for a memorable celebration.

Setting the Scene: Embrace the Charm of Your Backyard

Spring brings forth a natural canvas of blossoms, soft colors, and mild weather, making your backyard an ideal venue. Whether it’s a sprawling garden or a compact space, consider these aspects:

1. Seasonal Décor:
Adorn your space with seasonal flowers like tulips, daisies, or peonies. Opt for pastel color palettes, dainty table settings, and rustic accents like wooden signboards or vintage-inspired decor pieces.

2. Lighting:
Harness the magic of the season by incorporating fairy lights, lanterns, or candles. They create a whimsical ambiance as the sun sets, adding a touch of romance to the evening.

3. Seating Arrangements:
Keep it cozy with comfortable seating options like vintage chairs, benches, or even hay bales adorned with blankets and cushions for a rustic touch. A micro wedding usually comprises your nearest and dearest. Keep the guest list small, ensuring an intimate gathering filled with those closest to your heart.

When it comes to the heart of the celebration, the ceremony, having a seasoned officiant is crucial. KC Weddings 2 Go brings a wealth of experience in curating and officiating intimate ceremonies, ensuring that every moment is filled with love and significance. Expect a tailored ceremony that reflects your unique love story. We specialize in crafting heartfelt vows and rituals that resonate with you and your partner.
Our knack for fostering a genuine connection with the couple and guests creates an intimate atmosphere, making everyone feel involved and cherished.

Planning a micro wedding, especially in the enchanting backdrop of a spring backyard, embodies intimacy, warmth, and personalization. We specialize in same sex, traditional, elopement and proxy ceremonies to name a few. With KC Weddings 2 Go’s expertise in officiating such heartfelt celebrations, every moment becomes a cherished memory. Embrace the charm of the season, weave your story into the details, and relish the joy of an intimate celebration that encapsulates the essence of your love. If you are in the KC Metro or Overland Park area, contact us today at 913-244-8528 to plan the spring wedding of your dreams.