Today’s post will be very fitting to the current times. As covid-19 cases continue to rise, more and more weddings are being canceled, postponed, or changed completely. So, today, we’ll discuss some things to know while planning your wedding during a pandemic.

In the special time of wedding planning, one thing that you don’t expect is for there to be a worldwide pandemic. Its dominating conversations and many lockdowns and closures make planning increasingly difficult. Covid-19 is impacting our lives in almost every way possible. This post will be a sort of reference for couples to use to help them in the midst of this scary time, while also attempting to plan for a wedding that is supposed to be the most special and amazing day of your lives.

Here are the top ten things to know while planning your wedding during coronavirus:

Knowing When You Should Cancel Your Wedding

This is a scary time, and this decision needs to be considered. Lockdowns may happen, essentially forcing the decision for you. But if not, talk through the idea of canceling/postponing.

You Need to Understand the Safety is #1

You and your guests’ safety is the most important aspect of wedding planning while planning during a pandemic. If you have many guests that are immune-compromised, or elderly, canceling may be the best idea. If you make the decision to continue on with your original plans, it’s imperative that you take precautions. Outdoor weddings allow for easier social distancing, however, if your wedding is taking place indoors, making sure the proper sanitation and social distancing is occurring is really important during this time. As you see in the news each day, more are more people are catching the virus from gatherings, and passing it on to many many more. And you need to make sure that you let your guests know to stay home if they are feeling ill in any way.

Plan For An Alternative Date

Okay, so if you are still planning on keeping your original wedding date, it’s still a great idea for you and your partner to sit down and discuss the possibility of needing to postpone closer to the original date. As this virus is unpredictable, it would be sad to have to cancel last minute and have no thoughts into any further planning.

You Need To Be Understanding

This is important! If you decide to keep your original wedding date, you need to understand that there may be guests who are not comfortable attending. You need to remember that although you may feel one way about the pandemic, everyone is entitled to their own views on it, and it’s not fair to make people feel guilty if their views are different. In fact, it’s a wonderful idea to reach out to your guests in advance, and let them know that you understand if they cannot make it!

Stay Safe and Healthy

This is the last thing we will touch on today, but it so incredibly important. If you want to have the wedding of your dreams, you and your partner need to stay healthy. So during your planning, try staying home more. Enjoy each other’s company.

We hope today’s post helped get a little more insight into a strange time. And remember, that your wedding will be special no matter what. Whether it needs to be postponed, altered, etc., it’s your day. So don’t sweat the small stuff, and really take a moment to enjoy the day.

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See you next week!