Thank You for Being You! Thank god for Nancy at kcweddings2go. My partner of 7 years and I on the spur of the moment decided we wanted to get married on Halloween. We never thought it would even be possible to get married legally in the state of Missouri so we never really gave getting married much thought. Two weeks before Halloween we decided to take the plunge and once that decision was made, we didn’t want to wait. We both grew up on farms in southern Missouri, so we agreed to a wedding on a hayrack ride with just a few of our family and friends. We contacted a couple of people to see if they would be willing to perform our ceremony. We could tell within 2 minutes that they were not really too excited about officiating the wedding of two gay guys on a hayrack ride. Then we found Nancy at kcweddings2go. After filling her in on our story and our wishes, she was on board instantly. She was enthusiastic, friendly, accepting, funny and had some great ideas and the knowledge we lacked to make this come together so quickly. She was fabulous and it was perfect. Not only did we find our officiant that day, but we found a new friend for life. Thank you Nancy for being you!!!