We’ve all been to a wedding or seen one on social media, showcasing a couple’s totally unique wedding hashtag. It is always amazing to see the creative and clever hashtags couples come up with for their special day. If your wedding day is ahead, and you’re struggling to come up with ideas, here’s a solution!

Thankfully, the internet provides a ton of wedding hashtag generators to help you create your own unique personalized wedding hashtag!

Having a couple’s name or fun wedding phrase at your wedding can add one extra unique element to your big day. It’s also a great way to share photos on Instagram with your family or friends!

In this post, we’ll break down the very best wedding hashtag generator sites and give you tips on how to use them, and a few fun ideas of our own! Then we’ll get you on your way for your special day!

How does a wedding hashtag generator work?

So how do you use one of these generators? That part is simple! Depending on the website, you’ll come across a few different questions. For the most part, you’ll be asked for your names (first and last), date of the wedding, location, etc. Once you’ve provided the required information, the generator will do the rest. Now its time to sit back and wait for the magic!

Okay so let’s break this down, here are five of the very best wedding hashtag generators available!

#1. Shutterfly Wedding Hashtags Generator

Shutterfly is great at creating a unique hashtag for you based on you and your partner’s first and last names, date of the wedding, and even your nicknames for each other. The great thing about Shutterfly’s generator is that they give you the ability to check for your unique hashtag’s availability. If you’re looking for a one of a kind hashtag for your wedding, this is a great tool to make sure another couple hasn’t claimed it already.

#2. WeddingWire

This generator asks for names, nicknames, wedding date, and location. The best part is they ask for the wedding setting, with options from a barn to a winery, or a beach to a church. They have many setting options that give unique hashtags. Here’s the catch, they give you three wedding hashtags for free. If those don’t catch your attention, you can sign up for a free account to access more ideas.

#3. eWedding

eWedding’s generator allows you to input basic information (your names) but also allows you to add more optional details by simply clicking the “make it more unique” button. This will allow you to add information like nicknames, location, wedding date, and the setting. You’ll then see a scroll bar with a custom hashtag, but you can scroll through to see dozens more.

#4. Wedding Hashtag Wall

Wedding Hashtag Wall is the most basic of the hashtag generators on this list, but it provides dozens of hashtag options. This generator tool only asks for the full names of the couple and the wedding date. This site provides an awesome feature where they provide templates to create your very own wedding signage to display your hashtag with your guests.

Something to note is that the first four hashtag generators we’ve mentioned are free, so they are a great place to start. However, if you’ve given those a try, and can’t seem to find what you’re looking for, here’s another option.

#5. The Wedding Hashers

Although this hashtag generator comes with a fee, they are not randomly generated. Instead, each hashtag is written by creative writers, giving you some seriously custom options. The current fee is $20 for three hashtags, and some of them are seriously hilarious! Even if you’re not interested in paying, be sure to give them a look! They have lots of samples on the website. Perhaps the small fee is worth leaving it up to the professionals to ensure you find something extra special.

If you’re struggling to find a clever hashtag that matches your personality, how about something more generic? Here are a couple of examples that are popular here in Kansas City!


If those are a bit too basic, how about a clever play on words to showcase your humor and personality? Here’s some examples!

Are you and your future partner star trek fanatics?

High school sweethearts?

Disney fan?

The possibilities are endless! Here’s a few more of our faves:


Anyways, you get the gist of it! How fun!

I hope your wedding is everything you ever dreamed of, and hopefully, this post helps you tick one thing off that list!


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