When planning a wedding, one of the more difficult things to consider is how to honor those who are no longer with us. This can be an emotional, and stressful part of wedding planning, so today we want to give you some ideas of how honor lost loved ones at your wedding. Sites like Etsy and Pinterest are so helpful when trying to come up with ideas, but hopefully, we can help with the brainstorming!


Light a Candle

There are many sayings you could display along with a lit candle. Whether at your wedding ceremony or your reception, you can take a moment to light a candle in honor of them.
Here is one idea from Etsy


Make a donation in their honor

You could make this a donation in place of wedding favors, or just as an extra gesture. Or another idea is instead of asking your guests for gifts, you can ask them to donate to the charity or organization.


Give a toast

Take a moment at your reception to make a toast to those who you have lost. It will be a cherished memory for you and all your guests.


Give favor in honor of them

Did your deceased parent or grandparent like cigars, or perhaps was a photographer, etc.? You could give your guests a cigar, or a framed photograph that reminds you of your loved one’s memory.


Moment of reflection

I’ve mentioned giving a toast at the reception, but you could also have a moment of silence at beginning of your ceremony so remember that they are there with you at heart.


Have a sign or flower arrangement at the altar

Perhaps you could include their favorite flowers, or maybe favorite color.


Include them in your wedding program

You can add an “In loving memory of” tribute to your program, and even add a photo or a special moment you cherished with them. This will show your guests how much these people meant to you and will put a smile on their faces reading about the special moments you shared with your lost loved ones.


Reserve a seat in their honor

By simply laying a flower on an empty seat, or placing a framed photo on a seat, you can honor your lost loved ones in a really beautiful way. An even more special way to honor them is to add some of their favorite things to the seat. Maybe their favorite hat, or book. Saving a seat for them is a heartfelt way to include them, and you will feel like they are there to witness you saying your “I do’s”.


As you can see there are many ways to honor lost loved ones at your wedding. This list is just the beginning.


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