Just the thought of getting married in Kansas City brings happiness to one’s face, but planning a wedding chapel is a huge logistical task, and there will surely be some boo-boos along the way. Mistakes are a natural part of the wedding journey. However, having NO WEDDING DAY REGRETS would be ideal. Here, we aim to share the experiences of couples who have tied the knot in the past. It’s highly recommended to learn from others’ mistakes rather than making them yourself. A wedding is such a significant event in life.

It can be overwhelming to get bogged down in the various aspects of planning Kansas City weddings. Let’s be honest; there’s a lot to consider! However, is there anything that you might regret not doing differently? Is there anything that you think you should have booked or arranged beforehand for your big day? Do you need some pointers on how to maximize your wedding day so that you can experience every moment and look back on it with nothing but happy memories?

Not Taking It All In

This is likely the most common regret that couples experience when reminiscing about their special day. It’s widely known that time flies during weddings, and those of us at wedding venues in Kansas City who are married can attest that with so much happening, adrenaline pumping, and so many people to interact with, it’s hard to take a moment for yourself to fully absorb it all. Make a conscious effort to step back, take a look around, soak it in, and create memories that will last a lifetime. It’s easier said than done, but it’ll be well worth it, we promise!

Not Hiring A Videographer

Not hiring a videographer at a wedding chapel is one of the most common wedding regrets. While most couples choose photography, not everyone believes that videography is necessary. You might be reminded of poorly produced 80’s wedding videos. However, modern videography is nothing like that.

Nowadays, wedding videos can suit your personal style. Your wedding video can be anything you want it to be, from sweet and sentimental to an MTV music video. You can engage professionals for complete coverage of your day or just specific parts (such as the ceremony!). You can even ask your guests to contribute videos. Ultimately, a wedding video is an excellent way to help you remember and relive your special day.

Neglecting To Create A Checklist Before Beginning Wedding Planning

Believe it or not, some people make this mistake at the wedding chapel! While it may seem strange, it happens. Don’t rely solely on your memory; create a checklist and update it as necessary. Although you may have taken part in several other wedding planning processes before, this is your wedding day, and you’ll want to avoid regrets later on. A checklist will make your job easier and more streamlined throughout your wedding planning journey.

To avoid this regret, it’s essential to communicate with your wedding photographer in advance. Although most photographers don’t require a shot list and will capture all of the typical photos, if you have something particular in mind, you need to let them know. Your photographer can’t read your mind! So, if you want a snapshot with your three best friends from college because you haven’t all been in the same place since graduation or a picture of you and your great aunt on the dance floor, just inform your photographer, and they’ll make it happen.

To ensure a perfect wedding chapel experience with a lot of fun and zero regrets, follow the above-mentioned tips. If you’re planning to tie the knot in the Kansas City region, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d be delighted to participate in your special day. Be sure to explore our packages and previous blog entries for additional wedding-related information. 

Happy Wedding!!