Today’s post will deal with a fun aspect of planning a wedding, choosing the food. There are many options as to different ways you can serve food at your reception. Today we will discuss a few wedding food ideas and tips.

When you’re planning your menu, you will surely think about the many weddings you’ve attended and what they served, and what you did or did not enjoy. Now, the most common types of service at a wedding are plated meals or buffet style. Either of these is great options, but if you are trying to be unique and unpredictable, there are other options out there for you also! For example, renting a taco food truck! Choosing the right options is a task, and dependent on your venue, and budget, make sure you choose something that feels right for you!

Budget, Budget, Budget

When beginning the menu planning, your budget is the first thing you need to consider. Just like in a restaurant, different types of cuisine cost different amounts. Meats and pasta will surely vary by a decent amount. Another thing to consider is making sure you are accommodating to your non-meat-eating guests. Having a vegetarian pasta dish will allow the non-meat eaters in your life to thoroughly enjoy themselves, but also will be enjoyed by meat-eaters as well. So that’s my tip. If you cannot budget for three meals (meat, seafood, pasta, for example), give one meat option, and one vegetarian. If this idea doesn’t work for your wedding, and you want more options, then a buffet may be the way to go for you. It allows you to have a wider variety of foods but still makes sure that guests are happy with the options. Make sure to talk to your caterer about options. They will typically have pre-set menus for you to browse with a price per person/per plate, that way you are not surprised at the cost for your wedding food.


When it comes to desserts, typically the bride and groom will cut the cake, but these days the cake isn’t shared with the guests. Instead, the cake will still be cut, however, a dessert table is typically close by. Many weddings go for cupcakes, that way there is no messy cutting and serving. But dessert buffets are gaining attention, serving options of cakes, pies, cookies, donuts, etc. The options are pretty limitless! Another wedding favorite is candy buffets.

If you have read my past posts, you know how much I love Pinterest. There have got to be millions of ideas on the site. And it’s nice to save all your ideas for your wedding down into one place. Make sure you check it out!

We hope this post got your mind thinking about the many fun and unique ideas regarding wedding food. And we really only touched the tip of the topic.

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