Times have changed when it comes to wedding registries. In 2020, it is becoming more common for couples to already reside together before they get engaged and married. So, really, the traditional registry gifts such as china, and linens, is not really needed anymore. So you may be wondering what to ask for? Today’s post will focus on just that, a wedding registry checklist.

If you are going to do more of a traditional registry, sit down with your partner and decide what location you would like to register at. Whether it be Bloomingdales, Walmart, etc. Where you register is complexly up to you and where you think will have the best options for you and your life.

With the world transitioning more onto online shopping habits, so make sure you check out amazon and their registry services. As I’m sure you all know, you can essentially find anything on amazon. And the bonus, is the guests can purchase in the comfort of their own home, and have it shipped right to yours! Win, Win!

So, what do we recommend registering for? Here’s our list:

China Place Settings

So, this may feel a little dated. However, china is something you will never shop for yourself. However, if you don’t think you’ll use fancy china, then maybe register for a really nice set of plates, and bowls that you absolutely love! Anthropologie has some absolutely gorgeous options, and they give an heirloom quality.

Quality Bedding

You’ve been saving for a wedding; you may be young. It’s time to replace your Ikea bedding and register for some quality bed linens.


If you’re anything like me, my kitchen used to be all mix-matched, old, and new products. This is the time to register for the kitchen tools and small appliances that you’ve always wanted. You get that ice maker girl! We suggest registering for some wine and liquor glasses if you plan on being a household that likes to entertain!


Okay, so most of us have been using the same ratty old towels, stained washcloths, etc. It’s time to throw out those old linens and make your bathroom more luxurious!

Luggage Sets

What a perfect gift to start your and your partners’ life together. Even if you have previously purchased quality luggage, if you travel often, it doesn’t last long. Start your honeymoon with fresh luggage, maybe even matching sets!

We hope you enjoyed this little wedding registry checklist! As always, if you are getting married in the Kansas City area, please get in touch! We would love to be a part of your big day! Also, be sure to check out our packages, as well as our previous blog posts for more ideas! See you next week!