When it comes to wedding planning, one of the very first decisions a couple makes is the wedding venue. Whether you are planning a destination wedding, eloping, having an indoor wedding, or outdoor, the venue options are endless. But here’s something a lot of couples forget. What on earth do you ask, or look for when you are touring a wedding venue. We’ve all had that moment when someone asks, “so, do you have any questions?” to which we reply, “hm, I don’t think so”, to then leave, and on the drive home, think of 15 different things you wish you’d asked. So today, we’ll cover some wedding venue walk-through questions that you should make sure you ask during your wedding venue walk-through.

Ask about the bottom line

As most engaged couples have a strict budget, this is a very important topic to discuss. Make sure to ask if they have a minimum for food and beverage, and make sure they explain how tax and service charges add to those costs. You can always ask the venue to create an estimate for you before your tour.

Know the Price Differences

Venues often have special prices depending on the day and month. High season (summer) and weekends (Saturday) will usually have higher costs. Ask what these prices include. You want to make sure you have all the information, so you aren’t sent over budget by surprise fees.

Know about the magic hour

This will be something you want to ask if you’re getting married out of town. The time which the sun sets will help you to play your wedding day timeline around it. There’s a reason we call it the magic hour. The lighting is a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos.

Cover the Basics

Make sure you ask the venue if outdoor vendors can be brought in. Can you provide your own alcohol? Is there an extra service charge for this service? Are custom menus possible? How much set up time can you have? Are you responsible for cleaning, or does the venue cover this? Does the venue provide all rentals (cutlery, chairs, etc.) or are you responsible for ordering these items?

Know what is Legal

We’ve touched on this topic before, but it is so important to make sure you know about legal marriages where you’re wedding is taking place. For example, in Mexico, you need X-rays and blood work done before your wedding. In the U.S, these requirements can vary.


If you have loved ones coming from our of town, or perhaps are having a destination wedding, you need to ask about guestrooms. There may be a minimum number of nights or guests required to stay at a particular location. With destination weddings, package costs are often based on the number of guests. Make sure this is clear, so you’re not surprised!


Make sure to ask the venue what they offer for rehearsals. Is a dry run included in the price?


These questions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wedding venue walk-through questions to ask during your wedding venue walkthrough, however, we hope that this helps guide you in some topics that may have slipped your mind!


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