Most weddings these days (well pre-covid) have guests attending from out of town. Or perhaps you are having a destination wedding. Either way, it’s great to give your guests who are traveling to your wedding a welcome bag. So today’s post will talk about wedding welcome bag ideas and the top things they need!

The best place to start is, of course, the bag! If you are trying to be budget-friendly, you could do a nice paper bag, with a stamp on the front, or you could shell out the extra bucks, and splurge on a nice tote! Either way, your guests will appreciate the gesture, given that they have traveled to celebrate with you!

Here are some fun ideas that you can find on Etsy!


Find this style, here!

and here!

So, now what do you include inside the bag? Here are our suggestions!

1. Your wedding itinerary. If your guests are coming in from out of town, this will be seriously helpful! It will let them know where they need to be, and when. You could also include fun ideas that they can do on their offtime. Perhaps some brochures to local attractions!

Here’s an awesome example! 


Linked here!

2. Treats and snacks. Hotel good is expensive, as most of us are aware, and after a long day of travel, it is nice to be able to unpack and have something to nibble on! Maybe your city or location has a special snack? For example, saltwater taffy, etc. 


Linked Here

3. Recovery kit! This is a popular addition to wedding bags. After a long night of dancing and eating, and most likely drinking, a recovery kit comes in super handy. Add in some Advil, vitamin c, maybe some Pepto! They will seriously thank you!


Here’s the link!

4. What is better in the morning after a long night than a nice cup of coffee. A popular addition is a small gift card to get a coffee! 


5. A custom labeled bottle of water! Adds a fun personalized touch, and is a cheap addition that your guests will appreciate!


Check them out on Etsy!

6. A souvenir! Why not add a fun souvenir from a local shop. Something that will remind the guests not just about your wedding, but the trip itself. This could be a shot glass, postcard, magnet, drink cozy. The options are limitless!


You can find these on Amazon!

7. A bottle of wine! If your guests have some downtime, it is nice to include a bottle of wine or some beers. Whatever the guests enjoy. 


Another amazing Etsy find!

8. A fun hotel door hanger! A cheap addition is an easy printable cardstock door hanger! There are so many options! And it’s just a fun post-wedding addition!


Linked here!

Well, that’s it for today’s post! I hope you guys got some good wedding welcome bag ideas! As always, if you are getting married in the Kansas City area, please get in touch! We would love to be a part of your big day! Also, check out our packages and previous blog posts, for more ideas!

See you next week!


  • Cover image linked via Etsy