Wedding planning involves decision-making, from choosing the right partner to the right wedding officiants. A wedding ceremony officiant is the person who leads the wedding ceremony as part of their job role. An officiant performs different types of wedding ceremonies, whether secular or religious. The wedding officiants work with the couple in the months leading up to the wedding day to plan the ceremony, which includes the wedding customs like personal vows, readings, music selections, and more according to their demands. 

One of the important factors while choosing the officiant is to look for an officiant who is legally ordained and licensed to perform weddings in your state, as the officiant understands your jurisdictional laws to get the marriage license with a smooth procedure. 

On your wedding day, your officiant is responsible for completing and signing the marriage license with the evidence of the witnesses and sending it back to the county clerk’s office for certification. This is the major detail that you need to keep in mind when obtaining wedding officiant services. As marriage licenses are the most vital aspect of marriage, and without a marriage license, you are not considered officially married. Therefore, your wedding officiant has an essential role to play here to get the marriage license. 

In this blog, you will get to explore the different types of wedding ceremonies performed by the wedding officiants, like courthouse wedding in Kansas City, civil weddings, religious weddings, proxy weddings, etc. 

1. Civil Wedding 

Civil weddings are done by the wedding officiants who are approved under the government roles and have the permitted rights to legally perform a marriage ceremony following the state laws and guidelines. This type of wedding is done by the secular officiant who may have services permitted by the judge, mayor, city clerk, notary, or magistrate. Often, overseeing weddings is also done by the wedding officiants within the context of a government setting, including courthouse weddings.

2. Courthouse Wedding

According to state laws, your professional wedding officiant at the courthouse will be responsible for deeply dependent aspects. Factors like marriage licenses, paperwork, and witnesses are crucial in the courthouse wedding. The wedding officiants offer ceremonies in wedding chapels in Kansas City.

3. Proxy Wedding 

A proxy marriage is a marriage where one or both couples are not physically present for the marriage. A stand-in takes the place of the couple where the marriage is being held. In the case of entirely virtual weddings, the wedding officiant conducts the wedding in place of the couples. But, the couples need to be virtually present during the marriage ceremony.

4. Religious/Traditional Wedding 

When having a traditional religious wedding, you don’t need to be obligated to marry only in a church, mosque, temple, or any place of worship. The wedding ceremony officiant will help you get there as many couples have destination wedding ceremonies in their backyard, at the beach, or their chosen venue. We at KC WEDDINGS 2 GO offer destination weddings as per your desire.

5. Elopement Wedding 

Planning an elopement ceremony or a mini intimate wedding between close friends and fewer people. Getting an official wedding officiant for your intimate ceremony makes your challenging task easier and stress-free. We can also coordinate according to your desired demand and reserve additional services for you, such as photography, flowers, hair and makeup, and more, following the theme of the wedding. You can get your desired venue as well. 

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