We all love weddings, and if you have had the pleasure of attending a great wedding lately, the wedding officiant probably made it great. It goes without saying that a wedding cannot be claimed as official if not conducted by a wedding or marriage officiant.

Our officiant’s approval decides a successful wedding ceremony, but still, brides and grooms often prioritize other pressing aspects like the seating arrangement, venue, time, such as where guests are going to park, etc.

Don’t get it wrong! All these arrangements do matter. However, it also does not mean that a marriage officiant’s duties and role in a perfect wedding should remain unnoticed. 

Because many officiants are ministers, and our professionalism should not be taken for granted.

Love birds should not choose the person to conduct their wedding ceremony randomly. After all, officiants like us are the ones who will be monitoring and curating the most important day of the bride and the groom’s life. The officiant needs to be in sync with the wedding couple in terms of sharing the same vision, customization of vows, and making it special.

Truth be told, the marriage officiant industry shares similarities with other industries. While the mass members of the industry are pure professionals, some can have dubious reputations. As a result, issues such as running behind schedule, doing personal work during the ceremony, being rigid with all the aspects of the ceremony, or numerous other mistakes can always happen turning the day into an ordeal. 

4 Essential Attributes of a Marriage Officiant:  

(1) Prioritizing Your Wedding Experience

Marriage officiant work with the awareness that we are at the wedding venue to supervise. Our officiants guide, suggest, and observe all the arrangements, giving the bride and groom flexibility to personalize their special day. After all, it is not like everyone gets married every day. At the end of the day, it is their time to feel whatever they want to feel.  

(2) Works As A Facilitator 

The officiant works with the intent of facilitating the whole ceremony because on the wedding day, the stakes are high, and it can easily freak out hosts. Everyone is pumped and feels multiple emotions simultaneously; this is where an officiant comes into the picture to smooth things out. No one can enjoy a good wedding if they are constantly worried. Our officiant remains levelheaded and radiates only positive vibes, allowing others to relax.

(3) Active Participant 

Instead of being just a passive observer of the ceremony, the officiant suggests and guides the couple throughout the event. Some marriage officiant emphasize involving parents from both sides as generally they have been married for a long time, more than 30 years in some cases, and share their noteworthy experience. Involving the parents gives everyone a sense of participation and contributes to overall delight.

Plus, it is a leisure event for the couple and a job for the officiant. Being active indicates that the officiant is committed to their role and is readily available.

(4) Offers Optional Services 

Best Wedding Venues in Kansas City can be expensive. The fees of officiants could be costly per ceremony or more. The way to make the best out of the officiant’s service is to look for additional services that we provide, which may ultimately assist you in cost savings. Services such as couples counseling, conflict resolution skills, and financial management are common choices of couples nowadays. 

At KC Weddings2go, couples can find the services and officiants who will assist them in organizing and conducting the ceremony. We know how to take it up a notch for Kansas City Weddings. The ultimate resolution that couples need for their wedding. Connect with us today.